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Fine Art Statue Venom Unbound

Fine Art Statue indeed. This pre-painted complete coldcast figure is something you should get yourself for a belated Christmas gift!

Or whoever has a birthday in late May of 2013!

Attack black ~! No time to lose! ! ~

- Among the rival of Spider-Man and Venom boasts overwhelming popularity and name recognition
Re-appeared in Fine Art Statue series!
- Refers to the same release [Fine Art Statue Spider-Man Unleashed] and (Released)
With words, giving the impression of a more wild - will bear the name of the newborn - unbound.
- As the name of unbound, and produced the prototype on the theme of overflowing forces will unshackle.
- Eerily fangs and long tongue extending to suggest that mouth gape, the ferocity, and bent into a hook shape claw
Along with the unique flavor of Venom, a body that has been trained with Eddie blocks symbiont
A giant in stature further strengthened by the power of the alien is a favorite trick of Eric Sosa Sculptor
Charm of muscle modeling explodes!
- I finished the monster madness worthy of the name of the evil Spider-Man.
- Of course, the display of a single unit of sale
Design relative to that confrontation with [Fine Art Statue Spider-Man Unleashed]
So we become, we further extend the display and view of the world together in the room.

Standing tall at approximately 255mm (1/6th scale) Erick Sosa shows us his skills at sculpting some fine art statues! Preorder now (AmiAmi, HobbySearch) to make sure you get your own awesome Venom for decorating your house!

What are you waiting for?! Go preoder before it's too late!
Fine Art Statue Venom Unbound
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