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Gallery Update

Nothing much to read here, just a general update!

So due to hotlinking and loading speed issues, I've decided to go a different route with the galleries. Artwork Compendium, Cosplay Spotlight, Doujin Thursdays and anything else with galleries shall be affected.

I'll keep a few, primarily the highlights of the set (in my opinion) as bigger images. Others shall become thumbnails and when you click on one, instead of appearing as a lightbox, you will be redirected to the gallery at imgbox!

This, however, will only affect large galleries. In other words, anything containing more than 20 pictures shall be done in this fashion. The rest will stay as is with the lightbox upon clicking.

If you guys have a better image hosting that allows hotlinking, please inform me! I don't know how stable imgbox is, looks cool and it makes easy direct linking! Just upload, then copy paste the code! Saves me a lot of time actually!
Gallery Update
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