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Shonen Jump Anime - Top 10

Fans have gathered to give their verdict on the most worthy of the multiple, and I do stress the word multiple, Shonen Jump Manga Anime adaptation. Typical and controversial results obviously.

And what do you know? Top 1 isn't One Piece! Nor is it Naruto! Not even Bleach!


1 - Kuroko no Basuke
2 - Gintama
3 - Medaka Box
4 - Bleach
5 - Naruto
6 - Prince of Tennis
7 - One Piece
8 - Dragon Ball
9 - Sket Dance
10 - Katekyo Hitman Reborn

What say you? Do you totally agree with this list? In other note Jojo's Bizarre Adventure topped 15th followed by To Love-Ru and D.Gray-Man. Kenshin hits 24th with Saint Seiya following right after.
Shonen Jump Anime - Top 10
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