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Weiss Schwarz WGP 2012 USA Nationals

Took me a while to finally start watching the WGP USA Nationals...

Hmm, I've watched the videos for the Nationals in the states... I really regret not going. It would have been totally fun.

Total Regionals Attendees: 263
Invitations: 65 (8 Top 8 Regionals, Last Year's Champ)
Entrants Present: 39
Tournament Format:
6 Round Best-of-1 Swiss,
Top 16 Best-of-1 Single Elim to Top 2,
Top 2 Best-of-3
Major Judge Actions:
Swiss R4: Game Loss, Failure to Show
Top Cut: Game Loss, Illegal Decklist
Top Cut: Additional Single Best-of-1 Strength-of-Schedule Match to determine 16th Place
Top 16 Title Breakdown:
Idolmaster: 3 / Persona: 3 / Madoka: 2
Nanoha: 2 / Angel Beats!: 1 / Nichijou: 1
Familiar of Zero: 1 / Shana: 1 / Symphogear: 1 / Milky Holmes: 1

263 Attendees? Damn yo!

I'm surprised no one used Guilty Crown, or did it just fall short to get in Top 16? Well, this just makes me totally want to go to the next one! Definitely!

So kudos to Matthew Ross for winning. Have fun in Japan and good luck! And congratulations to Yi Jiang for being runner-up, the game was good!

For those interested in the decklist, Heart of the Cards provide them and check out their channel for some of the matches.

They could really use a better camera though...

Weiss Schwarz WGP 2012 USA Nationals
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