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「MTG Article」Feeling Lucky?

So do you feel lucky? Think you lady luck is with you? Try this one for size!

So I started making EDH decks according to what sleeves I’m going to be using. For example: my Madoka –from Puella Magi Madoka Magica– sleeves are literally going to be holding my helper deck, my Rias Gremoy –from Highschool DxD– sleeves are holding my reanimator deck, and my Akeno Himejima –also from Highschool DxD– sleeves are holding my combo deck (Yes I’m kind of addicted to Highschool DxD, because it’s that freaking awesome! Issei actually develops as a character along with the rest of the crew and I don’t find him useless anymore!)

Anyway, so at the beginning, I had these Casino Super Soniko sleeves and I was wondering what I can make out of it. Then a casino themed deck popped up during discussion with my playgroup. So, I ventured into it!

Obviously it should do things at random and so forth. So I first thought of using Ruhan of the Fomori.

Problem with this was that it’s pretty much better off as a Tron deck and with this assortment of colours –and its better use as a Tron– lead me to think more of a Nanoha themed sleeve. But more on that another time!

Then I thought about using Gwendly Di Corci!

However, due to the grixis combination and the fact that it’s pretty much already played by two people of my playgroup makes me not want to play the thing.

So I searched for generals that had other the keyword random in their text. I finally decided on Maelstrom Wanderer!

Why this? Well, in terms of cascade mechanic, it’s pretty much a gamble on what you’re going to bring out –that is unless you have a deck manipulation thing out… which obviously this deck won’t have– So with that in, I started looking up cards that had either random, game, coin, and other assortment of things in their texts!

So obviously, first card I can think of off my head was Goblin Game!

Oh the fun and joy of this card and it fits the theme completely! We now move on to cards with random in them!


We are obviously playing blue so card draw is usually an auto-include. However! We are running pretty much what some people consider crap card draw because of the discard at random effect. For me on the other hand find it quite fitting with the theme I'm getting at!

Still on the whole random keyword, we're now looking at creatures that will obviously attack! So first off, we'll start with creatures with ETB abilities:


So aside from the Tyrant of Discord, we're pretty much looking at crap cards. This is why I love EDH/Commander! It makes all these cards actually playable! Balduvian Horde, Pillaging Horde, and Minotaur Explorer all have the same ETB effect which is you discarding a card at random. If you don't then you literally just casts them for nothing! Now a 5/5 for 4 mana isn't that bad nor is the 3/3 for 2 mana, but we are losing a card at random. -Okay they're pretty bad-

Cragganwick Cremator is so-so. It all depends on luck right? Either you deal massive damage or you deal squat niddly-diddly! The Spellgorger Barbarian looks neat though, since he cantrips once he hits the graveyard. But a 3/1 for 4 mana is pretty bad...

So we play red, meaning that there are cards out there that has Firebreathe effects right? Well firebreathing is honestly too good for this deck. So we shall go with something that costs you more than just mana!


I honestly don't know anyone that would play these... Really... The whole random discarding thing isn't pretty since you might discard stuff you totally want and they're pretty expensive in terms of mana cost. Believe you me, I cringed when I saw these, but they fit the theme so they might go in!

Next up are spot removals/board wipes, still in random keyword!


Heh as you can see, these removals left a lot to be desired. The Capricious Efreet is the only ''good'' card. Kindle the Carnage would be better if it weren't for that random clause again... Hanabi Blast can, unfortunately, discard itself after it returns to your hand so it's pretty much bleh! Devastating Dreams can create mass chaos though for only RR so it's pretty good in my honest opinion!


Finally! Colours other than red!!! Anyway, so with green obviously means we should run some sort of recursion right? Well stuff like Regrowth, Reclaim, and Eternal Witness is too good in this deck! So we look for alternatives! Such as Make a Wish! Moldgraft Monstrosity, in my honest opinion, is way too good for this deck so I might scrap it from my list. You guys, on the other hand, if you ever feel like picking a deck like this up, feel free! Charmbreaker Devils can return random sorcery or instant from your graveyard to your hand. Depending on your instants and sorceries, it can be pretty nifty!

So now we have the whole discard cards and deal damage type of enchantments these also come in creature form


Honestly, I can find a use for Magus of the Scroll -if I add in cards that manipulates my hand, make infinite mana, and have it untap- but I will probably scrap that from my deck altogether. Just like I won't add Tamiyo, the Moon Sage because as soon as it goes ultimate, the whole randomness disappears! That is no good! Very, very, bad since it makes the deck work better than it suppose to!


Now we have the chaotic effects where things just makes the game more... chaotic. Scrambleverse makes the game state ridiculous, Wild Evocation is probably a card people will love/hate and Grip of Chaos is just utterly stupid. So want to destroy target land? Please randomize the target!

Gamble ends our cycle of randomness. Honestly Gamble is a very good card, despite the random discard effect. Usually you run it since you have a sort of recursion and deck thinning is always a good thing anyways!

Random keyword aside, we'll now move onto flip a coin!!!

First card to note is Chance Encounter. With the whole flipping a coin, we can literally win this game with this card. It's honestly and auto-include as it is one of our win conditions in the deck! Winning with this would be pretty funny!


So just like our random section, we have cards that cantrips as well with coin flips! Fiery Gambit is a multipurpose card depending on how lucky you are in your coin flip -or die roll for those who substitute coin flipping for die rolling where head is even and tail is odd or whatever- Squee's Revenge is pretty neat! Feel lucky? Go ahead and attempt whatever amount you want to try! Winter Sky can board wipe token boards or weenie boards, if not it serves as a cantrip! Win!!!


Crazed Firecat looks like a good option as it can grow bigger as it comes into play. Chaotic Goo can get bigger during your upkeep as long as you keep winning that is! The Goblin Assassin works as a removal -in a way-


So huh... yeah... Nothing really outstanding, they're downright... crap I might say? But more flipping adds more chances for Chance Encounter right?


Now we're looking at cards that pings, but if you lose your flip, something ''horrible'' goes wrong! Oh noes!! Yes I just did that... =3

Next up are upkeep costs that require flipping. We've already seen one in Chaotic Goo so here's a few more!


The Karplusan Minotaur is pretty good, since the you get to flip more coins during each upkeep! Then if you do win a flip, it deals damage to a source of your choice! However, if you lose, then choose an opponent then he/she can deal damage to a source of their choice! Not bad, unlike Scoria Wurm that returns to your hand. It doesn't have haste so it's pretty bad -Anger in your graveyard fixes that though!-

Sorceries and Instants are next folks:


Puppet's Verdict is a pretty good card. Whether you win or lose will decide what kind of creatures get wiped out! Fighting Chance is a pretty funny fog card for red and Stitch in Time always goes good with an artifact that we'll see below soon enough!

Enchantment time!!!


Planar Chaos is annoying to the max. I always hate it when someone in our playgroup plays it. I have horrible luck with damn coin flips! Risky Move is fun as it passes around so everyone gets to play with it! Goblin Bomb and Desperate Gamble -in the instant/sorcery section up above- is a one hit kill move on anyone! Obviously if you get the bomb running and win the gamble!

Now that we've gone through the cards that we can use in these colours that involve some randomness, let's look at the artifacts!


Pick your poison but the Krark's Thumb is definitely a shoe-in for this type of deck! And to finish it off, let's look at the last few cards you might want to put in here that fits the theme as well!


Counterspell with life bid and Illicit Auction looks pretty fun! And to end it all: let's look at our available pool of Planeswaker's Enchantment!


So what say you, feeling lucky? I'm working up on my Decklist as I type this so I'll post what I have in mind for the deck as soon as I'm done with it! Look forward to it folks!!!
「MTG Article」Feeling Lucky?
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