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Daireth Winehouse - Haruno Sakura

Before I even begin the whole Asian cosplays, I decided to highlight others. It's just pretty hard to find very good non-asian cosplayers. Well from where I usually obtain my images anyways.

So therefore I introduce you Daireth Winehouse cosplaying as Haruno Sakura from the Anime/Manga Naruto.

Alright first of all, this whole set isn't that bad, minus the fact that I despise Naruto with an utmost fashion and the pink haired banshee to a very high degree, the cosplay was (in my honest opinion) nicely done.

What disappointed me though, especially on the image above and from the rest of the images in the set, is the lack of 'ass shots'. I wholeheartedly agree that a Haruno Sakura without an ass is just like a Hyuuga Hinata without tits. Really...

In regards to the cosplayer herself, I honestly have no problem. Looks legit, then again I don't harsh judge... much...

The photographer, in my opinion obviously, could have done way better. It's a small set and it's the only ones I found, so I have no idea if it's even the complete thing. But whoever took these shots could have done more to highlight the character.

Maybe her punching the ground and have leaves flutter about before impact? I don't know, I mean, this is pretty exploitable to do crazy shoots yo! Ah whatever, this is what we get!


Like I said... lack of ass shots!!!!
Daireth Winehouse - Haruno Sakura
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  1. Hi hi, im Daireth! ^^.
    Thank you so much for considering me for this session. Actually i know it's just a small set, but i promise a better one soon, with some ass shots!
    See you!! <3

    1. Cool cool! Not that I actually need the ass shots, is just that that's what I find Sakura to be more known for. The set is small, but it's amazing! But like I said, some shots could be better if you also focus more on the Character's Persona.

      This one is missing the "Pissed off" Sakura moments for example. No problem though, how long you've started the whole cosplaying thing? I also have your High School of the Dead set!