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Risen from the Grave

So very, very, very, I can't stress enough on the very, long hiatus. I am well aware I was supposed to work on this more, but the usual procrastination (do read it as laziness though) steered me clear from doing much on the blog.

Therefore, I have decided to scratch the whole thing and restart from the very beginning! Now actually expect me to update the blog more often. Just need to get stuck settled first.

The gallery section of the blog will feature a different style. Instead of having major clustered pictures on top of another, it will instead feature certain highlights and the remaining images as thumbnails. I've been gone for such a while that I just found out that Blogger now has its own Light Box viewing mechanic. Sweet!

I'll also be doing more posts about the card games I play. Mainly Magic: the Gathering, Weiss Schwarz and Cardfight! Vanguard. From Tournament Reports to Articles! Videos will start being posted too (read as 'as soon as I get a tripod for my camera!').

Other than that, I'll probably start looking for writers for Reviews because that's the thing that will probably take more time to adjust to. I still don't know what style I'll be doing Reviews in. If you're down to write, just PM me or something!
Risen from the Grave
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