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Clash of the Knights & Dragons

So looks like JP Set 09 will have more support come out for Aqua Force, Oracle Think Tank, Nova Grappler, Angel Feather, Great Nature, Gold Paladin, Narukami, Pale Moon, and Murakami.

BT07 sorely disappointed me. Oracle Think Tank still does not have a Limit Break? How about persona blast? Or XRide? Yes as you can guess I'm a heavy OTT player. Ridiculous I say and blasphemous too! Where's the Misaki love?!

Bah! This set is to be released in Japan on December 8th of this year. At the same time, us English Folks will receive the awaited Shadow Paladin set! Finally I say!

Spoiler can be found here.

Only thing spoiled at the moment is the Crimson series for Angel Feather... Really they get a Superior Ride before OTT does?! Oh come on!!!
Clash of the Knights & Dragons
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